• LBE Incubator Service (LBE 创业指导)
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  • LBE Incubator Service (LBE 创业指导)

    Start Your Own Business With Professional Guidance



    Do you want to be rich? 你想要拥有财富吗?

    Do you want to control your own success? 你想要获得自己的事业吗?

    Do you want to be in charge? 你想要掌控自己的人生吗?

    - start your own business 开启你自己的事业之门



    Start up your own business - 开启自己的事业

    Get professional advice on your product, business and marketing plan 在你的产品,商业及市场计划上给予专业建议

    Minimize the risks 风险最小化

    Maximize your motivation in a team environment 小组形式,动力最大化

    Find other entrepreneurs to work with 与别的创业者共同合作

    Share ideas, contacts and skills 创意,资源及技术共享

    Pooled seedcorn startup funding - 汇总成本启动资金

    Use free office space and support 为你提供免费的办公资源

    Share business costs -为你分担创业成本


    Don’t just think it, start it!



    The LBE Business Incubator Service -- LBE创业指导


    We provide a guided environment where for a minimal initial fee you will receive business start-up training, develop a business plan under professional guidance, work on business development with a few similarly minded entrepreneurs, and get free use of office space and support.



    The LBE Business Incubator environment allows you to take the first steps to setting up your own business in a way that controls the risk and isolation that individual entrepreneurs face. Professional business advisors give feedback and ensure your business plan is feasible. Working in small teams with other entrepreneurs allows you to share and improve business plans and gives you support and motivation.



    LBE can continue to support the growth of new businesses after the course by providing ongoing advice, offices and support. Additional services such as company registration, accounting and staff recruitment can be provided via our partners.



    Our staff have combined experience of over 100 years in business, working in China, Asia, the US and Europe. They have real hands on expertise in planning, budgeting, marketing, sales, product development and logistics and are all experienced in business startups.


    Lon don Business English

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